Dr. Jeff Ye,

I spent 20 years in the military and now 32 as a civilian. I have been to many hospitals and had many doctors in many states and a number of countries. You sir, are the best I have ever known or had for a personal physician. Your knowledge, your professional attitude, your calming way of interaction with patients is most highly commendable.

I always left your office on an upbeat note no matter how I felt prior to seeing you, as did my wife. You have mostly taken care of our stomach and related problems. I have gotten off most my pills, have more energy and feel better than I have in years. My wife is just starting to feel better. We can only hope your replacement can follow up as effectively as you would. Everyone I know who was privileged to have had you as a doctor, without exception, feels the same. One lady told us she wanted to jump in your suitcase and go with you. It’s the same with all those we talk to.

Your loss is the hospital’s loss and all those who came to know you. It will be like losing a family member and, if we had the power to make you stay we would do so. We will not see another likes of you in our remaining time here.

We want to thank you for your time, patience and guidance. I also want to wish you the very best in your new venture as do all your patients I am sure.

May God bless you!

Winchester, TN

Prior to working at North Atlanta Medical & Digestive Care, Dr. Jeff Ye had practiced internal medicine at Winchester, Tennessee since 2009. He was also an attending physician at Southern Tennessee Medical Center. The following are testimonials from his patients at Southern Tennessee Internal Medicine. Our patients have graciously given the testimonials as well as the permission to use their names. We respect our patients’ privacy and choose to use their last name initial instead of their full names..

“I am thrilled with the progress we have made on treating my stomach problems. For years I suffered before coming here. He gives a quick diagnosis and the treatment plan has made me feel so much better. I now don’t worry about travel or food. My energy levels are improving and I am starting to lose weight”

“Dr. Ye makes you feel very comfortable during your visit. He is very good at explaining what he has found wrong with you and the options you have on getting help with pain and sickness. He is also good at working with you about getting the best medication that works for you.”

“Most doctors I’ve been to haven’t talked to me a lot of the time or care to find the real problem causing all of my symptoms, but Dr. Ye cares for me and doesn’t stop until he finds the root cause of the problems or issues. He then takes great care at treating the entire body. I appreciate all he has done for me.”

“Dr. Ye is very compassionate doctor. He doesn’t fool around. He tells you like it is. If he feels like you need a specialist or a second opinion, he sends you to one. He explains everything to you so you can understand. I feel much better under his care”

“He is patient. He listens to you. Then he finds out a way to help you. He cares and he is very understanding. Dr. Ye has helped me to get illness under control.”

"I would and do tell everyone we know about Dr. Ye. He has helped find things no one else has looked for. I am in better shape than I have been in 60 years. He and his staff are wonderful.”

"Dr. Ye has helped me in many ways. Helping me understand medical treatments and why I need them. He is very friendly and makes people feel very comfortable. Dr. Ye has helped me get well from a virus that could have gotten a lot worse without medical help.”

“We would send anyone to Dr. Ye. He has done a good job for our family.”

“Dr. Ye took care of my stomach problems after I came into the ER with severe chest pain. He was always available for consult with any questions.”

"He is very professional. Down to earth. He listens. Lets me ask questions and takes the time to answer my concerns. He is interested in the care of patient as well as preventive care.”

“Dr. Ye listens well. My stomach is no longer bloated and hurting. His medication recommendation has worked well.”

“I can say at this point he is an excellent doctor. I would refer him to my family and friends. He has helped me tremendously.”

“Dr. Ye is very nice. He cleared up my stomach issues in a very short time.”

“He listens to everything and corrected my problems. He is a good doctor.”

“Whatever I came to visit him about, he did his very best to help me. He checks my heart, lungs, and urine if I am having any kind of problems. I have recommended him to my church friends, pastor, and anyone in general that needs a good doctor.”

“The first time I met him, I was in the hospital. He came to my room and was concerned about me getting the treatment that I needed. I told him I had no way to pay other than Medicare, he said ‘I do not care about that, you need treatment.’ I was impressed and learned quickly that he is a great doctor.”

“He is enjoyable to be around.”

“I think he is a very nice doctor. He is always trying to help me.”

“I must say that Dr. Ye has been great to me and my late wife. For three plus years I’ve been coming here, he and his staff have been very understanding and supportive to me. Thank you so much Dr. Ye.”

“He is the best doctor that I know of. He works with you. Dr. Ye does everything to help you.”

“I must say that Dr. Ye has been great to me and my late wife. For three plus years I’ve been coming here, he and his staff have been very understanding and supportive to me. Thank you so much Dr. Ye.”

“We will always brag about him and our friends to come to him. We try to get anyone to come.”

“He is a good doctor. If he does not know what is wrong, he will test until he finds out. He does a great job trying to fix your problem. He is great.”

“Dr. Ye has taken very good care of me and my late husband. He does not give out medication unless you need it. I am very pleased and very safe with Dr. Ye as my doctor.”

“He is a good doctor and has helped me when no one else could.”

“He is a very caring person. He cared for my mother until her passing. She spoke very highly of Dr. Ye. She trusted him to help me understand more of her illness. He is very patient with me. Also my papa thinks the world of him and calls him ‘fancy pants’ because he is always smiling. Love him.”

“I started coming to Dr. Ye a little over a year ago. He helped me very much in losing weight. I lost 130lbs in just 13 months following his program and his instructions. I feel much better about myself physically and emotionally. I have battled with my weight my entire life. It is very refreshing to be able to do things I want to do in life now that it is easier.”

“Dr. Ye is a great doctor. He really cares about his patients. He looks at every possibility there is to diagnose a problem. Since coming here my blood sugar has dropped considerably. – I would recommend him to anyone.”

“He is a good doctor. He keeps checks on you to make sure your medication is working. He listens to you. When you see him with a problem, he does his best to see what he can do to fix the problem.”

“I have had a good experience with Dr. Ye. He found a bacterial infection in my stomach right after the very first visit. No telling how long I had it either. I know after treatment my stomach problems were gone.”

“Listens to you. Helps you with whatever you need. Easy going and tells you like it is. Office visits are enjoyable.”

“Dr. Ye seems very knowledgeable and caring. He has suggested several treatments for different ailments that would be beneficial to me if I would follow thru, but as of now I have not done. However the treatments have been successful that I have completed.”

“Dr. Ye is a very nice person that makes you feel good about yourself.”

“I read about him in the medical magazine. I was really impressed with my first visit.”

“I have had a long problem with heart burn that I could not get under control. Dr. Ye did a scope and found out that I suffered from ulcers. He put me on the right medication and I have never suffered again from heartburn. He listens to your problems and helps you in the right away. I would recommend him to my family and friends.”

“I feel better, less stomach problems. Over all he is a good doctor.”

“I feel better than I have in years.”

“Dr. Ye is a fine doctor. He has helped me a lot with my problems. He is a good doctor, I would recommend Dr. Ye to anyone. He knows his stuff. The best doctor I’ve ever had.”

“Excellent! Most careful! Takes time with me. Helped me avoid taking insulin for diabetes.”